Dr. Tamara Rattray


Education: Louisiana State University

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Pets: 2 dogs: Page and Luna, 2 cats: Thomas and Moxie

Special Interests: General medicine, nutrition, holistic and alternative medicine

Dr. Tamara Rattray was born in San Diego, CA  and grew up as an Air Force kid travelling and living across the US and Europe. Her favorite place to live was Germany, where she met her best friend in elementary school and became jealous that she had a dog. Dr. Rattray adopted her first rescue puppy in middle school when she moved back to the US after months of reading every library book she could check out about caring for dogs. She convinced her parents she needed a dog to train because of all the knowledge she had acquired. Dr. Rattray knew she wanted to care for animals after her first visit to the dog doctor which set her on a path for the rest of her life. 

After graduating high school in SC, Dr. Rattray chose to stay in the state for her undergraduate degree in Biology and Chemistry. She was thrilled to be accepted to Louisiana State University right after completion of her undergraduate degree and spent the next 4 years immersing herself in another amazing cultural environment while focusing on companion animal medicine. She chose to return to the Carolinas after graduating vet school because Charlotte had everything she wanted as a location. Also, her closest high school friends had all moved to the city while she was still studying at LSU. Dr. Rattray has been in Charlotte, happily, since 2007 practicing in a handful of small animal hospitals and discovering that she is happiest when she is able to utilize integrative medicine. Dr. Rattray had been watching the growth of The Veterinary Hospital of Davidson since 2013 and hopefully awaited the opportunity to apply.  She is thrilled to be part of this hospital and is excited to discover and learn all the wonderful natural ways to make our loved pets better.

When not at work, D.r Rattray can be found hiking with her two dogs – Page, a bossy 9 year old pit bull and Luna, an energetic 4 year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix. On those days with less than perfect outside weather, she is happily on the couch being a lap to one of her two cats – Moxie, a sassy 14 year old tabby or Thomas, a laid back 4 year old fluffy ball of grey fur. Dr. Rattray has loved to travel since she was a child and is 2/3 of the way done with her goal of visiting each of the 50 states. Her favorite places to travel to are Australia and the UK but she hopes to visit Europe again soon so that she can enjoy the sights and culture as an adult.