Lynne Prowker

Lead Veterinary Assistant, Fear Free Certified

Education: Kent State

Hometown: Kent, Ohio

Pets: 2 dogs: DD, Ida Mae, 1 cat: Rascal, 2 snakes: Maddie Medusa, Clove, 2 parakeets: Jerry, Elizabeth, and fish

Animals and their care have always been a huge part of Lynne’s life.  She was raised on a small family farm in northeastern Ohio.  Growing up she was very active in both equine and beef 4-H.  She was able to gain some experience with exotics managing a pet store while studying at Kent State.  Her family then moved to North Carolina and she went to work for The Institute of Environmental Toxicology at Clemson University working in wildlife research.  She then moved back to North Carolina and found her calling as a veterinary assistant and has been blessed to do this job for the past 25 years!

She is very excited to be joining our family and learning how to better help our furry friends by combining traditional and holistic medicine.

In her free time, she enjoys boating and fishing with her husband and son, as well as rehabbing the occasional baby squirrel.