Breanna Coughlin

Veterinary Assistant, Fear Free Certified

Education: Elon University

Hometown: Davidson, NC

Pets: Dog: Ladybug, Cats: Phoenix and Gryphon

Breanna grew up right here in Davidson, North Carolina. She has always loved animals, and knew from a young age that she wanted to be a veterinarian.  In 2016, she interned at The Veterinary Hospital of Davidson to gain experience as a technician.  After leaving Davidson to attend Elon University for a degree in Biology, she moved back in 2018 to work at VHOD again.  She plans on applying to veterinary schools in the fall of 2019 to start studying in 2020.  She loves music and traveling; if she could spend all her money on concerts and plane tickets, she would!  While at home she enjoys sitting on the couch with her family’s dog, Ladybug, and two cats, Gryphon and Phoenix.