Alyssa Cuevas


Education: Appalachian State, UNC- Charlotte

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Pets: 2 cats: Twilight, Tobie, 1 dog: Boo

Alyssa was born in Norfolk, VA, and raised in Jacksonville, FL and Charlotte, NC.  She first found her passion for animals at age 14 when she acquired her workers permit.  From then on, she knew she wanted to do something involving animals.

She spent 4 years at Appalachian State University in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains.  After a short break, she decided to return to school at UNC-Charlotte where she is currently working on finishing her degree.  After getting her bachelor’s degree, Alyssa does plan on going to grad school!

At home, Alyssa has one dog, her old lady “Boo,” and two cats “Twilight” and “Tobie.”  “Twilight” is a very laid back black cat, while “Tobie” is a nutball!  He likes to climb walls!

In her spare time, she likes to run, do yoga, eat, and watch Disney movies.

She is always smiling and has a sunny disposition when she’s behind the desk.  She can’t wait to meet you and your fur baby!