Most Dangerous Mistakes People Make When Choosing A Veterinarian

  1. Wellness plans will save you money. There are veterinary hospitals that push wellness plans for your pets. The idea is that you pay a monthly rate then receive wellness care at no additional charge. We have found that these plans typically cost you more than just paying for services rendered.  Be careful when looking into these plans.  You may be paying a little less for your vaccines, but paying much more to treat an ear infection.  You are also likely to pay for more vaccines that may not be necessary for your pet.
  2. One size fits all. This is not true in veterinary medicine. You should seek out a veterinarian who will individualize your care.  If your dog lives in an apartment and uses a pee pad, she likely does not need a leptospirosis vaccine or tick prevention.  Preventative medicine for that dog should be much different than a dog working on a farm or living on 10 acres.  It is important to make sure your veterinarian individualizes your pet’s care. 
  3. Outstanding care for your pet is expensive. It is a mistake to believe you have to pay a lot of money in order to receive great care. Outstanding medicine does not have to cost of a lot of money.  It requires a veterinarian who will seek out answers based on your finances and who is able to provide you with appropriate treatment options.
  4. Pets are always fearful to go to the vet. It doesnt matter which veterinary hospital you pick. It is shocking how many people expect their cats and dogs to hate going to the vet!  The experience should not elicit fear and should be a place where your dog gets lots of treats and your cat is rolling in catnip.  There are ways to try to keep your pet at ease, and there are veterinarians and veterinary staff who will handle your pet with patience and kindness. 
  5. All veterinarians are trying to sell you on products, and you should feel guilty for not buying what they are selling. We understand that veterinarians are in sales to some extent. It is in your dog’s best interest to receive monthly heartworm prevention and for your cat to eat strictly canned food, so veterinarians will discuss those products and options with you.  However, you should never feel guilty when leaving the veterinary hospital.  It is your choice how you treat your pet, veterinarians should just offer the best treatment and preventative options without judgement.
  6. Choose the closest veterinary hospital because all veterinarians are similar. This is untrue.  Veterinarians are all trained similarly in vet school, but how they choose to continue their studies after school is where the big differences occur.  Some veterinarians choose to strictly practice Western Medicine while others will seek out new treatment options through studying Chinese Medicine, herbs, and food therapy for example.  Or they may take courses to learn how to perform ultrasounds and other specialized procedures to provide the best care to your pet. If your pet has an illness or disease that is not improving on medications, you should consider looking for a veterinarian who will provide you with more options of treatment and a feeling of true caring, even if the hospital is a little farther from your home.