• Apr 13 2015

    A Life Jacket Saved My Dog’s Life

    I regularly kayak on Mountain Island Lake and would bring my dog Tyler with me.  She would ride in the back of the kayak and occasionally get out to swim…

  • Mar 30 2015

    Importance of Alar Fold Resections in Short Nosed Pets

    We love our Bulldogs, Frenchies, and Pugs for their short noses and snoring.  They were bred a certain way to maintain those smooshy, adorable faces however there is a big price to pay for…

  • Mar 27 2015

    Calming Treats For Your Pet

    Does your dog have anxiety on car rides? Difficulty staying calm through thunderstorms or fireworks? Does he get stressed at the groomer or while boarding?  Is separation anxiety a problem…

  • Mar 24 2015

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    Vaccine reactions and nail problems

    I saw a dog last week for a condition called Onychodystrophy, a painful condition where the nails start to grow abnormally and eventually start falling off.  Sounds painful right?  It…

  • Mar 19 2015

    Case Study – K-Laser Therapy on Acral Lick Granuloma

    Gracie is a 4yr old Labrador Retriever with an acral lick granuloma on her left carpus that was unresponsive to treatment for almost a year.  Lick granulomas are chronic wounds…

  • Mar 14 2015

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    Anxiety in dogs – thinking outside the box

    So many dogs we see suffer from some form of anxiety.  Some dogs I truly believe have a chemical imbalance, and just like some humans, are best with a little…

  • Jan 15 2015

    Monthly Prevention

      Here at the Veterinary Hospital of Davidson we strive to delivery only the very best in veterinary medicine. This extends even to the simplest medications that we can offer…

  • Jan 05 2015

    Therapeutic K-Laser Applications

    K-Laser is a class IV therapy laser with multiple small animal applications and benefits to your pet. The laser allows healing to begin at the cellular level by increasing ATP…

  • Jul 15 2014

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    Natural remedies for thunderstorm and firework phobia

    I have to share my personal journey with herbal remedies and thunderstorm/fireworks/noise anxiety with my dear boy, Bo.  Bo is a happy-go-lucky Lab with a heart of gold, but he…

  • Jun 05 2014

    Job Posting – Registered Veterinary Technician

    Our practice is growing! We are looking for a Registered Veterinary Technician to join our small animal practice in Davidson.  The Veterinary Hospital of Davidson is an integrative practice, combining…