• Oct 17 2019

    Rabies vaccination for the anti-vaxxer

      Thinking you don’t want to vaccinate your pets for anything out of concern for your pet’s health? You have your pet’s absolute best interest in mind. We are right…

  • Jul 18 2019

    I’m a client today

    I’m a client today.   My baby girl (dog) is having cruciate surgery today and I’m an anxious pet owner. I was up most of the night with anxiety even though she’s having surgery done by a highly recommended veterinarian, one I recommend to my clients to do an amazing job on their sweet babies. She’s being taken care of by my technicians in the hospital I work in with pain medication I am in control over and I still have anxiety about her comfort, and her recovery, and my ability to listen to instructions and take care of her at home properly. It’s not a life threatening procedure, she’s not an unhealthy dog, and I know everything that’s going to happen during her procedure. But still, I have a knot in my stomach.   As colleagues, we laugh at each other about things like this because we know we are ALL anxious pet parents. I don’t think it’s uncommon for a lot of us as veterinarians and technicians to step out of our critical thinking, scientific, analytical work brains and into that of just raw emotion and empathy for our pets when we have to relinquish control and let someone else do the work. I think it’s really good for us to remember what it’s like to be in the same position as our clients. I think about ALL the patients I have had to refer for cruciate surgery in just the last month and I’m so honored and impressed by the pure trust that owners have for us to take care of and do right by their pets. It really is a gift that people come to us and believe we will do the best we can every day to make their pet better. I believe and trust the doctor doing surgery on my precious dog right now, but I’m still a nervous parent waiting in the wings to hear that everything went well and is just as expected. It’s good to be in this position, perspective wise. It’s healthy to remember what your clients experience when they hand over their precious babies to you. So I thought I should write it out so that our clients know we understand. Sometimes we REALLY understand because we’re experiencing it over our own babies. We present ourselves to you as calm, confident, capable, knowledgeable, professionals because, well, we ARE calm and confident and capable and knowledgeable. But we have all felt the raw emotions over our pets the way you feel them. And we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for letting us do our best to help your babies any way we can.   Tamara Rattray, DVM nervous mom today, back to being a veterinarian on Monday.

  • Jul 01 2019

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    Our response to FDA warnings on Grain Free Diets

    The Veterinary Hospital of Davidson report on FDA warnings on Grain Free Diets We have received many calls and emails about the recent FDA report on grain free diets in…

  • May 24 2019

    Take a hike!

    There’s a saying that if there is a dog walking with you, you can get through anything.  And I get it.  We are busy.  We work a lot, have to…

  • May 09 2019

    Vasectomies and Ovary-Sparing Spays in Dogs

    I am getting increasing numbers of people finding me and inquiring about vasectomies and ovary-sparing spays.  There are pros and cons to these procedures in place of traditional neuters and…

  • Apr 11 2019

    Your dog’s old, she’s got issues and that’s okay

    Your dog’s old, she’s got issues and that’s okay   Maybe you noticed your 16 year-old dog can’t see very well, if at all. She seems less eager to go…

  • Apr 03 2019

    Please Microchip Your Pet

    There are few things in veterinary medicine I can think of that I honestly believe is 100% good for EVERY patient I see. A microchip is at the top of…

  • Mar 21 2019

    “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”  – Mother Teresa

    I’ve been taking care of a dog who has severe allergies for the past couple years.  I mean, severe.  He is miserably itchy and develops intense infections that cover his…

  • Mar 15 2019

    Anesthesia and Surgery at The Veterinary Hospital of Davidson

    We are known here for our holistic medicine, but sometimes people forget we are a full-service veterinary hospital offering full medicine and surgery.  When we recommend surgery, especially “elective” or…

  • Feb 25 2019

    FDA Update on “Grain-free” diets and once proposed link to heart disease in Dogs

    Diet-related heart problem reported in 325 dogs FDA update summarizes investigative findings to date February 19, 2019 (published) Written by Edie Lau for the Veterinary Information Network While there is…